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in a story fully incorporated into the local history


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Escape in one hour!

Welcome to Escape Room ENIGMARIUM® Zagreb.
Get ready for an incredibly fun, original and one of a kind test: to escape from a locked room in one hour.

Uncover the real story about beautiful, innocent Barica Cindek, who was accused of witchcraft and sentenced to burn at the stake. Her destiny is now in your hands! Can you find the passage to the 18th century and save her from the stake? Or will history be changed forever?

A unique 5D experience in the first escape game fully immersed in the local history of Zagreb awaits you!
Full of incredible fun and unexpected twists!

The Game

A one-of-a-kind concept, never-seen-before puzzles, high-tech gadgets, unexpected twists and great game flow will keep you amazed till the final minute! Fun 100% guaranteed!

How to book?

All of our rooms can be played no matter what language you speak.

Gather a team of 2-5 players and book your session STRAIGHTAWAY.
Advance bookings via booking system are mandatory.

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100% Guarantee
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100% Guarantee

The Mysterious Case of the Zagreb Witch

Price: 450 Kuna (60€) per team
We’ll take you back to the times when the people of Zagreb believed in witches! A successful and pretty young woman named Barica has been accused of witchcraft and her life is in danger. This famous story of Barica inspired writer M. J. Zagorka to write her renowned cycle of novels about the Witch of Grič… Her destiny is now in your hands! Can you find the passage to the 18th century and save her from the stake? Or will history be changed forever?
We don’t know! But we know that one hour of incredible fun is awaiting for you!

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Femme Fatale

Price: 450 Kuna (60€) per team
In our second room, inspired by a thousand-year-old myth, a dangerous challenge is waiting for you, a mission impossible! In complete secrecy, you must reveal the true identity of this mysterious femme fatale who has recently moved to Zagreb. Everything about her is strange and mystical, and we have heard rumors that she has come to Zagreb for her next victim…
Do you have the courage to break into her apartment and find out what her real intentions are?

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Unlock Zagreb

Explore Zagreb in a Playful Urban Adventure!

Price: 450 Kuna (60€) per team
Have you ever heard of the Bloody Bridge (Krvavi Most)? It was named after the fierce battles fought between the two neighbouring settlements, the diocesan Kaptol and the free royal settlement of Gradec (or Grič). It is also linked to the legend of the Duchess Ružica Gising and the Knight Pavo Slavinić.
Do you dare to undergo six tests of chivalry that will show whether or not you’ve got what it takes to be a knight?
The evil Duke Grdun, who wants beautiful Ružica for himself, is on his way, so you must be quick! You have only one hour!


Unlock Zagreb for big groups

Playful urban adventure for groups up to 100 people

Price: It depends on number of participants
We developed a way for a very large groups to play and enjoy this game. Up to 100 people can play and unlock the secrets of Zagreb. Great for teambuildings, large group of Zagreb visitors or whole school classes.

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SENSPERIENCE | Address: Dalmatinska 17, Zagreb | 2-6 people | 90 minutes | 16 EUR per person

Enigmarium® proudly presents SENSPERIENCE, the most immersive interactive gaming experience you can imagine! 90 minutes of breathtaking adventure awaits you – a mission that will astonish all your senses.

It’s not immersive theater. It’s not an escape room. It’s an adventure far beyond that – a game without rules, codes and wrong decisions.

You’ll sit in a comfortable chair and you’ll be blindfolded. Your gamemaster will be your guide in the imaginary world. Without leaving your seat, you’ll hear sounds, smell odors, touch and use objects and interact with world around you. You’ll feel strong emotions and an adrenaline rush since the imaginary world will become so realistic in your head.

Close your eyes and feel the deepest gaming experience you can imagine! Book now>>

Price list!

The price for one session is 60 EUR (450HRK). The price is the same regardless of the number of participants (min 2 and max 5).


Please arrive at the Escape Room Enigmarium Zagreb at Krvavi most 3 (1. floor) 10 minutes before the start of your session. Your friendly Gamemaster will explain the rules and ask you to sign a Non-disclosure Form – surely you can agree that it wouldn’t be cool if someone told you the answers in advance and spoil the fun. After that you are in for a FUN time.

Team building, birthday celebrations & wedding engagements

The Escape Room is perfect for Team Building activities or for a truly special birthday celebration or even a special occasion like a wedding engagement ;). You can even book a session outside our normal operating hours.

Gift certificate

Give an unforgettable experience – each gift certificate has a unique code which can be used to book a session of your choice. Pick a room, choose a date and time, leave your name, e-mail, phone and enter the code.


Escape Room Enigmarium®
Krvavi most 3, Zagreb
Telephone: +385 1 581 04 01

Operating hours

Advance bookings over the Internet are mandatory, since Enigmarium unlocks its doors only at previously scheduled times.

Check available time slots.


FAQ and Things good to know

We’re located in the centre of Zagreb in a pedestrian zone 3 minutes walking distance from Zagreb’s main main square – Trg Bana Jelačića. The address is Krvavi most 3, first floor.

Safety first. In our games, we do not lock the door. The objective of the game is not escaping the locked door but finding something narrative based. Usually, at the point, where you will solve the mission, you’ll find the last key, but the door won’t be locked. Players are able to leave the game/exit the room at any time.

The Gamemaster is following what’s happening in the room the whole time (not recorded, of course). She or he can help you with a hint at any time.

Throughout the game, the Gamemaster is following the activity in the command room via video camera (don’t worry, we’re not recording it!). If you get stuck and can’t figure out what to do next, the Gamemaster will give a hint in the form of a picture on the countdown screen. You can also even ask the Gamemaster for a hint using the Walkie-Talkie. Hints are a vital part of our game, since it’s obviously more fun if you solve as many puzzles as you can.
Absolutely not! No specific language skills is required. The game is meant to be a fun test of logical reasoning, team work and minimal skill, for which a knowledge of elementary school mathematics will suffice. The game is suitable for all people with different abilities and talents. Knowledge of foreign languages is not even required.
This is an adventure that is fun for the entire family (or society). The youngest members of the family can help with opening up the locks and seeking for a hidden objects, for a truly fun gaming experience we recommend it for ages from nine to 99 years – as the skills of the younger generations are just as welcome as the experience and wisdom of the older ones, however the tasks are challenging, the things are fragile, a lot of patience and precision is needed, so children under 14 have to be accompanied with an adult (for instance: 2 adults / 3 kids).
Absolutely right! So that you can enjoy the game and so that your mobile telephone won’t interrupt the gameplay, we recommend that you lock it in the wardrobe that we have prepared for that purpose. (Of course, you can take the key to the wardrobe with you into the Escape Room.) We also kind ask that the solutions to the puzzles remain a secret. It certainly wouldn’t be cool if someone else told you the solutions in advance and spoilt the fun …
Just yourself – and good company. Everything you will need to solve puzzles you’ll find in the room. If you use reading glasses bring them with you.
We’ll be pleased to assist you with that! You can order via web or send us an email message to or call us at +385 1 581 04 01. The price of a gift certificate is the same as the price for a game and it’s valid for a group of 2 to 5 players. Gift certificate has a unique code with which the recipient can make a booking using our online booking system.

About Enigmarium

In September 2014, the team of Escape Room Enigmarium® was the first to present this new and completely original concept for spending free time: today’s most popular Escape Room Enigmarium®. In less than five months, in February 2015, we were ranked the no. 1 Tourist Activity in Ljubljana on TripAdvisor.  Today, our rooms have become one of the most sought after tourist attractions and Enigmarium now runs 10 unique escape rooms and has become a trendsetter in the wider region (Slovenia, NE Italy and Croatia/Istria).

Our innovation – literally the coolest escape room in the world – the world’s first Escape Igloo®, which we built from snow on the ski slopes of Kranjska Gora, won the prestigious Snovalec 2015 Award from the Slovenian Ministry for Tourism and confirmed that the Enigmarium team can think out of the box room, too!

Other locations

Svetvincenat (HR)

Original adrenaline-packed “escape” adventure, through seven entertaining knightly trials you will learn the history of the castle and have an incredible time while doing so. The castle walls protect a big secret which can only be revealed by those who are the most noble, reliable, respectable, devoted and brave. Solve the legacy of the mystery knight and unravel the secret!


Murska Sobota (SI)

After a successful academic career in Ljubljana, professor Professor Rufus Amadeus responded to a call for assistance from Murska Sobota. During renovations at the Hotel Diana, workers discovered an old sealed chamber filled with strange symbols and objects. From the moment the door was opened, very, very bizarre things began to happen to people…


Maribor (SI) – 4 rooms

Take part in the Medieval story of Dr. Hannibal at Vetrinjska 8 and discover what kept the doctor alive while he helped patients survive the plague. Or escape from Omega Virus, Redlight Casino or Hostel Shining at Turnerjeva 17. Fun guaranteed!


Ljubljana (SI – 6 rooms)

The biggest escape room centre in Alpe Adria region with SIX the most popular rooms in Ljubljana: Professor’s Secret room, Salvation Room, Classroom of Doom, Escape Igloo®,  Maestro Luigi and The Artist Francesco!


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